"I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven."
Emily Dickinson

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Vote for Audubon's Bird of the Year

Will it be the Western bluebird?
It's time to vote for Audubon California's Bird of the Year. The recognition is an effort to raise awareness about bird conservation in our state. 

They've selected the seven finalists for the award:   

Western Bluebird
An iconic songbird of the American West, this bird has seen its numbers decline in recent years due to habitat loss. Now, climate change is presenting a new challenge.

American Avocet
A spectacular shorebird found in wetland and marsh habitat throughout California, the American Avocet is struggling against the challenges of the drought. Climate change is a new problem. 

Common Murre
A distinctive bird of our North Coast, the Common Murre made the news this year as thousands died from lack of food.

Western Tanager
One of the most popular songbirds in the West, the Western Tanager faces an uncertain future due to climate change.

American Kestrel
The American Kestrel is North America’s smallest falcon, and there is a lot of attitude crammed into its small profile.

Northern Pintail
One of our favorite ducks, the Northern Pintail is one of many waterfowl species challenged by the drought.

Western Grebe
With its incredible breeding display that incorporates literally running on water, the Western Grebe is an iconic species of the western North American waterways.

Votes will be accepted through Sunday, Dec. 20. Go to Audubon California Bird of the Year.

Happy Bluebirding!! Guess you know which bird I voted for!

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