"I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven."
Emily Dickinson

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birds of the Everglades -- Anhingas

A female Anhinga catches a fish. Photo by J.J. Meyer

The Anhinga works to turn the fish in its bill.  Photo by J.J. Meyer

The Anhinga then swallows the fish head first.  Photo by J.J. Meyer

A Great Blue Heron swallows its catch.  Photo by J.J. Meyer
     What does The Backyard Birder do in the Everglades?  Go birding, of course.  I took 754 photos, although not all birds; I have plenty of gator shots too.  The first three shots show a female Anhinga preparing to swallow its catch.  She slapped the fish repeatedly against the log before she started to turn it in her bill.  Once she had it head first, she swallowed it whole.  The third photo shows how her neck expanded.  I caught the same feeding sequence with the Great Blue Heron.
     More Everglades photos to come!
     Happy Birding!

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