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Emily Dickinson

Saturday, September 6, 2014

OC Birder captures a great image of a male hooded oriole in molt

Male hooded oriole in molt. Photo by Anthony Gliozzo, taken September 4.
I received this kind note from avid birder and photographer Anthony Gliozzo in response to my last column in the O.C. Register on molting. You might know Anthony from his extraordinary website, ocbirds.com.  He allowed me to share this great photo, along with his note.

Thank you for getting that molting article together and having it published.  The timing of it was impeccable and I’ve read it a few times.  Hope you will do another on birds especially with the onset of shorebirds now coming into to OC.  The Wilsons’ and Red-necked have already arrived at Sea and Sage along with a Baird’s Sandpiper, Solitary Sandpiper and a few others at Bolsa Chica.

I was at the Montage today and caught two hooded orioles – the female was not going through a molting phase however her companion was (see attached).  I typically see the male and female together with this species and best I can tell this one seems to be a male though quite difficult without its typical characteristics displayed.

Best wishes
Anthony Gliozzo

Thanks so much, Anthony!
Happy Birding!

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