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Emily Dickinson

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Has one bird taken over your hummingbird feeder?

A male Allen's hummingbird has claimed this feeder.  Photo by J.J. Meyer
A common question: I have one hummingbird that runs all the others away. What can I do to get more hummingbirds at my feeder?

It's not uncommon for a male hummingbird to claim an area with a food source as "his" territory. Then he runs all the other birds off with his fierce chirps.

Solve this by placing several feeders around the yard, making it more difficult for him to protect them all.  Make sure the defender can't see them all from one lookout spot.  Or create some type of visual separation, such as a vine-covered trellis, between hanging feeders.

Do you have any other tricks? Please comment below.
Happy Birding!

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