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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Take down old finch nests

A male house finch feeds its nestlings.  Photo by Adam Hoyle.
A reader wrote to me with a question:

Hi! I wonder if you might help understand if finches want to return to the same used nest over and over again or if we should take it down in order for them to rebuild? We also have the issue of them wanting to return to site of former nest but the area on top of our outdoor speaker right outside of our slider.  It was a messy nuisance so we sadly moved the speaker so nesting material wouldn't stay on top of it. Thanks so much for any help on this question.
Here's what Cornell University had to say: 

House Finches are messy birds.  After the young ones fledge, there is often a ring of feces around the nest and if this is near your home, I'm sure many of you would want to dispose of the nest.  House Finches do occasionally reuse the same nest, but they're just as likely to build a new one.  Go ahead and remove the old one after they've fledge if you'd like, and use a diluted bleach solution to disinfect.
Happy Birding!

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