"I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven."
Emily Dickinson

Monday, January 16, 2012

Nutmeg Mannikins flock to feeder

A flock of 35-40 Nutmeg Mannikins took over my feeder on Saturday.  Photo by J.J. Meyer

     Flocks of Nutmeg Mannikins, which are native to southern Asia, have become established in Orange County in recent years.   Also known as scaly-breasted munia, or spice finches, adult Nutmeg Mannikins are small chestnut or reddish brown finches with a dark head, thick bill and scaly patterned chest, while juveniles are tan with a slate gray bill.  These birds are rapidly spreading in the greater Los Angeles region and north to Santa Barbara. 
      These highly gregarious finches fed doubled up on the perches at my feeder and on the ground below.  Others waited their turn at the feeder in the surrounding trees.  It made for great birding!
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